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If you’ve been planning your summer vacation all year long, you should know that it’s about time you made your final decision and start thinking about packing. There are many amazing summer vacation destinations trending right now, so stay with us and find out what are the style essentials when it comes to this kind of vacation. Here are five must-haves, so check them out and rock your beach outfits like a true fashionista!

The inevitable bikini is an absolute must…

When talking about your highly anticipated summer vacation, there’s one thing you simply mustn’t forget to pack – your bikini! A bold swimsuit will help you stand out from the crowd and come up with a fabulous beach outfit, so be sure you pick a colorful one for the best visual effect. Bikinis with some graphic prints are also more than welcome, and these will certainly take your look to a whole new level. High-waisted bottoms and bustier tops are a perfect choice for every body shape, so opt for them if you don’t really have much time for shopping before hitting the road.

… As well as a stylish kaftan

If you’re up for a trendy cover-up, you definitely need a stylish kaftan that can complement your everyday combos in the best possible way. First of all, a fashionable kaftan is undoubtedly a much better choice than a boring, plain towel from the hotel, especially if you need to throw on a lightweight cover-up before heading straight to lunch. The style of your kaftan should depend on your bikini, so make sure you color-coordinate your combo. This means that monochromatic swimsuits require kaftans with some stunning prints, whereas colorful bikinis should be matched with simpler pieces.

A wide brim hat as the ultimate fashion statement

Your summer vacation requires a trendy wide brim hat for a couple of reasons. First of all, you simply need to protect your face from the harmful sun’s rays, and wearing a hat can be really helpful with that (but don’t forget your sunscreen!). Apart from its obvious practicality, a quality wide brim hat is also the ultimate fashion statement, which is why you should get it as soon as possible. All the trendsetters and fashionistas love rocking this accessory during summer, so why wouldn’t you get one, too? You surely won’t make a mistake if you pick it.

Bold accessories to spice up your beach combos

When it comes to accessorizing at the beach, you should know that the ‘less is more’ rule should apply to such combos. Your favorite pair of sunglasses is one thing you mustn’t forget, as these can spice up your ordinary outfits and make them more fashionable and in style. There’s also the above mentioned wide brim hat, which can transform your casual combos into more glamorous ones. As for the jewelry, be sure to keep it simple – go through stores that offer women’s clothing online and choose necklaces, bangles or rings that will accomplish your fabulous beach look.  As for the shoes, knee-high leather gladiator sandals are a huge hit, so slip into this and rock your beach outfits like a true fashionista.

A fabulous beach bag for all your necessities

Another essential you can’t live without is a beach bag where you can pack everything you need for your summer vacation. Of course, necessities like sunscreen, paper tissues, sunglasses, a headband, your favorite book, a bottle of water, your trusty camera, and everything else you need at the beach are an absolute must, so be sure you buy a big enough bag. The size of beach bags is exactly what makes them so special, since you can carry literally anything you want in them – even the largest towel you own. Just remember to color-coordinate it with the rest of your outfit and you’ll be more than fine!

Each of the aforementioned pieces is a true must when talking about your summer vacation, so make sure you get them all in advance. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to come up with stylish combos that’ll sweep everyone off their feet!


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