summer wardrobe

The weather is bound to get hotter soon. The hottest of all four seasons is not far away, so if you are planning to get your wardrobe essentials ready, hurry up because you are practically doing it in the nick of time.

Normally, we’ll advise you to start with possibly the smallest in size yet such an important detail – a watch! So, are you ready?

What time is it? – Oh, it’s almost summertime!

Everybody loves to hear that it’s almost summer o’clock. That’s the time when the excitement nears its peak. But you won’t know the exact time summer arrives unless you have a watch for the upcoming season.

Regardless of preferred style, the quality watch is a must-have for every man. Given that the weather is finally kinder to us, pick a watch that matches the atmosphere that comes with long sunny days and hot evenings. How about the signature watch from Style Standard that you can pair with both smart and casual clothes? Make sure to pick the right watch on time!

Have your summer suits ready

Do it because you never know what can happen during summer.

As we’re approaching the season of outdoor parties, the possibility that some of them may happen as a result of the wedding bells rises. If you still don’t have one, make sure to ask your friends about the men’s wedding suits and how to pick the right one for yourself, especially if you suspect that someone you all know is getting hitched very soon.

Other than that, why not choose a couple of suits that will help you to stand out in the upcoming summer evenings? Everybody wants to look good during the long summer season, so try not to allow other guys to overshadow you.

Pick the bright-colored swim shorts

We’ve all been wearing dark colors for too long. With all the puddles and mud on the streets, we usually walked around in black and other dark-colored pieces.

Luckily, those days are gone. Regardless of whether your summer plans include traveling to a distant destination with a perfect seaside or swimming in the local pool, you’ll need to have your swimwear collection ready. 

Given the time of the year, pick bright-colored and beautifully designed pieces to match your summer mood.

Mind-blowing shoe game

Your shoe game has to be top notch because there is no point of having the exciting summer clothing ready without appropriate footgear. This means that you’ll need to have different pairs for all the occasions.

Make sure your shoe cabinet contains:

  • White sneakers – minimalistic white leather sneakers are the must-have for every summer season, plus they are perfect for both day and night.
  • Boat shoes – these are so easy to slip on, thus purchasing at least one pair will make your life much easier.
  • Espadrilles – perfect for linen suits and evening parties.
  • Flip-flops – must have for the beaches and pools only. Keep in mind that it’s not cool to wear flip-flops all the time just because it’s hot. Don’t listen to your lazy friends.
  • Running shoes – we bet that you’ll be training a lot because those abs need to stay.

Lots of sweat-absorbing t-shirts

From simple white to cotton polo t-shirts, you’ll need a lot of these in your closet.

Obviously, when the summer comes, we worry about the fabric much more than we usually do. The truth is that 100% cotton t-shirts pair nicely with most of the other pieces of clothes and usually work well on summer days unless you sweat a lot. Having this in mind, you should also acquire as many synthetic and poly-cotton materials as you can, especially if you plan to train regularly.

Monochromatic t-shirts pair nicely with linen shirts and pants but make sure to pick the right ones. Navy, white and black t-shirts are the essentials of casual outfits and they match jeans perfectly, so buy a few of these too.

For men who care about looks and style, organizing the closet was never an easy task. However, we can’t argue over the fact that at least we are talking about something that we all love to do, especially in the spring when it’s finally about the right time to put all those heavy woolen sweaters and boring scarves away. Good luck!


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