Celebs are no strangers when it comes to hiring personal trainers, and they will do anything to stay in shape and prolong their health and image. Many of them like to share their tips and weight-loss journeys on social media and we are always thrilled to take some notes. Here are the five fitness tips to steal from your fave celebs and earn your own revenge body.

Oops, she’s got a hot body again!

Go tell Jesus that good old Brit is back, and she’s stronger than yesterday. If you were lucky enough to witness this legend in her prime, then you probably remember how steaming hot she looked back then. A flat tummy, toned abs, muscled legs, Britney was the real bomb dot com. But now, she’s even hotter and has a hot boyfriend to follow her on her fitness journey. Together they do flipping and some yoga in nature, and she hits the gym religiously. She admitted she loves cardio and sweating, but overdoing it doesn’t work for her. Sometimes she likes to slow down and spend some time with her children. Also, she’s no stranger to gymnastics and handstands around the house whenever she’s bored. Britney also does sumo jump squats and donkey kicks. I guess her loneliness ain’t killing her anymore, ’cause she’s got a lot of workout sessions to accomplish. Way to go Brit!

Pooshing the boundaries

Kourtney Kardashian is a loving mom of three, a successful entrepreneur, the proud owner of the new brand called “Poosh”, and on top of that, she’s got a ridiculously hot figure. So, how does she manage to do it all and set some major body goals along the way? Well, she’s got a personal trainer called Amanda Lee and she’s in charge of maintaining Kourt’s figure. Also, we must not fail to mention that she uses some energy-boosting supplements daily. One of them is the coconut-based MCT oil that is known to create instant energy and help build lean muscle. Kourtney takes them after exercising, which helps her get the power through the day, and there are tons of similar supplements online to check out for yourself. All of her favorite exercises can be done at home, which is super cool. Together they do squats, since these are the best booty exercises. Doing squats tones, strengthens, and tightens the butt and leg muscles. These exercises are very beneficial because they don’t take up too much time. Also, Kourtney does a hundred jumping jacks before the shower. She thinks jumping jacks are an amazing cardio exercise that helps you burn fat quickly due to its high intensity. Next, her fitness secret includes a one-minute plank to strengthen and tone the core, and she has stated they burn more calories than traditional sit-ups and help reduce lower back pain.

Revenge is best served cold

Khloe Kardashian has been overshadowed by her hotter sisters for so long, but now she’s a got a body to die for. She started training really hard and her strong determination helped her lose some weight. Oh, and some cute workout clothes as well, she admitted.

ABSolutely fantastic

If you want to look and train like a real Victoria’s Secret angel, all you have to do is follow the steps from VS angels themselves! Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes have created their own Instagram profile where they unselfishly share their health and fitness secrets. The JoJa duo train 4-5 times a week because their moms didn’t raise no quitters. To warm up, they do some partners squats 3 times for 1 minute each and some partner abs as well. To get those killer abs, do 3 sets of 15 and you’re done. Sometimes they work out at the beach because the body works double when you’re running or jogging and it’s more effective than running on pavement.

Female hustler

The biggest diva with feminine curves sticks to a simple regime. In addition to many rehearsing hours and dance steps, she regularly deals with weight lifting. Beyoncé does a lot of weightless exercises while listening to her favorite song and working on her biceps. The queen Bey rarely goes to the gym because she works out at home.

So, ready to steal these ultimate celebrity tips and become your own personal trainer?


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