The fashion shows happen to be fun events irrespective of whether you are part of the show or part of the audience. But the fun does not happen all by itself.  The most entertaining fashion event happens to be the product of a lot of efforts, perseverance and energy.

Not only that, if your staff are not mostly volunteers and most of the goods and services are not donated, you will also have to pay the bills.

On the other side, the fashion shows are great ways to learn about planning, organisation, working with a team and a host of other skills. And when all of your hard work blossoms in the right manner, the fashion shows do end up being lots of fun.

Here are five of the most essential things for hosting a successful fashion show. Just read on.

  • Revere the Designer’s Vision – This is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind right from the beginning. The fashion show is one event that is organised to bring forth the vision and genius of the designer. So the designer’s ego is the only thing that needs to be catered to in this case. That is why you should research and find out the fashion shows and the past work of the designer to get some idea of the style, preferred décor, the model types and background score of the designer prior to going for the meeting. This way you will be able to organise the desirable show that the designer calls for.
  • Go for Eccentric Makeup – While clothing happens to be the primary attraction at any fashion show the makeup ties everything together and can change the perspective of the outfit to a great extent. Makeup is something magical as it can transform anyone in any way that you want. Soft or hard, neutral or colourful, makeup is capable of making or breaking a look and every person has some type of eccentric makeup ensemble at any fashion event.
  • Consider the Model Agents to be Your Friend – If you are just starting off in the industry then it is unlikely that you will be able to produce a show for the big fashion houses or appoint a renowned a model. So the agents of the models are your greatest ally as both of you are more or less on the same platform. They also are in the need to market their girls and need more photos of the fashion shows that they have participated in for adding to their portfolios. So it becomes a win-win situation for both of you.

  • Organise, Organise and Organise – You should always be organised in order to host a fashion event successfully. You need to juggle oranges, apples and eggs all at the same time. That is why you need to start early and appoint serious people who will take the work seriously and keep their opinion to themselves apart from staying composed, calm and steady during the tremendous pressure of organising the event.
  • Marketing and PR Are of Great Significance – It is likely that you will be contacted with a PR or marketing person prior to even meeting the designer. It is most likely the job of the marketing firm for appointing the event professional. They will be looking for an event professional with excellent team, abundant knowledge and impeccable understanding of the of the complexities of live shows. The entire show will be futile without proper marketing and that is why you must keep that in mind at the time of hosting an event.

The above are some of the essential things for hosting a fashion event successfully. These are suggested by the experts of the event planning who have been in the industry for quite some time now and know exactly what makes a fashion show click and what does not. 

Author Bio:

Sawoni Chowdhury is an aficionado of writing. She is an expert writer and blogger and shares her views and opinions on a range of topics such as Lifestyle, Business, Entertainment and lot more.


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