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If you think you’re the only one struggling to lose Regina George’s famous three pounds, just imagine how much pressure celebrities have to handle in order to maintain their hot bodies. Their careers and jobs basically depend on their looks, and if you want to ‘make it in the neighborhood’, you better work out, bitch. Many celebs have unselfishly revealed their weight loss secrets that usually include personal trainers, masseurs, yoga teachers and a healthy eating plan. You can follow their leads by taking a look at our list below.

Khloe Kardashian’s revenge body

It wasn’t easy growing up in front of cameras, being labeled as the fattest reality sister, but now her hot body is making money, honey, and there’s nothing you can do about it. After years of battling with depression and body image issues, Khloe decided to completely transform her figure and shut down the haters. She’s always been outspoken about her struggle with weight, and she isn’t ashamed to admit that she wanted to feel emotionally strong as well. Once she started losing weight, she took her health more seriously and hired a waist trainer and a few months later, a nutritionist. She noticed her arms and muscles got more definition and that’s what kept her working out more and more. On Instagram, she shared her post-workout protein shake recipe stating that she always uses her favorite fruits and 4 scoops of protein powder and vanilla almond milk. Also, she drinks 3-4 liters of water per day, she cut out dairy, sodas and juices, and she swears that a jump rope is the best cardio ever. Khloe usually does two workouts a day no matter where she is and that’s what keeps her going. So, get inspired, put on your favorite tights in Japan or any other place where you’re located and get that revenge body.

KKW state of mind

Kim is famous for her hourglass figure, but in recent years, she started training and keeping her bum healthy. Her workouts are pretty intense, and she was really determined to lose weight and see the results. She also takes certain supplements that help her lose weight and have a flat stomach, and there are hundreds of life-changing supplements online which you could get for yourself and improve your body by selecting the right product. Kim also altered her diet by cutting down her sugar intake. She used to eat everything and anything, but now she’s more careful than ever. .

Jennifer Hudson’s huge transformation

It took years for Jennifer Hudson to understand that being a ‘big girl in Hollywood’ isn’t the same as where she grew up, as she never had a problem with her looks before. It seems that her body bothered others more than it bothered her, and that’s the spirit we’ve been looking for. She was always confident about her height and curves that people have to pay for, but she decided to lose some pounds to set an example for her son. She started a program that now became a lifestyle, and she completely reached her goal. She’s pretty active and she isn’t that regular at the gym. She never skips breakfast because it’s the most important meal. She is used to eating a fruit-and-yogurt combo, and she admitted that chocolate is her reward at the end of the day. And despite her busy schedule, JHud always finds time to eat a healthy lunch that includes a grilled chicken salad, a turkey sandwich or a broccoli stir-fry.

Training like a real angel


Adriana Lima, the worldwide famous supermodel, explained that for the nine days leading up to the Victoria’s Secret show, she skips solid food and only drinks vitamin-rich protein shakes, eats powdered eggs and different supplements. She works out twice a day and doesn’t drink anything, not even water, for 12 hours prior to the show. It turns out being a supermodel isn’t that glamorous after all

Melissa’s way

Melissa McCarthy has lost an incredible 34 pounds for one of her roles. She has published a rather intensive practice and diet plan that she stuck to. Her diet was rich in proteins, with few carbohydrates and she practiced seven days a week. Her secret weight loss was actually sleeping. She went to bed at 19:30 and slept long enough for her body to recover and build muscles. Although it seems strange, this has helped her a lot.

Just because these previously mentioned people are famous doesn’t mean they are out of this world. You can easily copy their secrets and get your dream body only if you are persistent in reaching your own goals.


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