celebrity plastic surgery secrets

It’s no secret that plastic surgery is certainly no longer taboo; there are numerous TV shows on which regular people frequently appear that give us insight on all the alterations that can be made to the human body and face. However, some celebrities are often reluctant to admit they’ve had work done. Others are as candid as it gets – case in point Kelly Deadmon, an actress who appears in her very own show called The Younger Games and gives us the full scoop on everything she’s had done, from lip injections, Botox, sucking out the fat from her love handle area, and so much more. Still, there are many A-list stars who are not as willing to share their secrets, but in the world of celebrities, there’s no such thing as a secret; everything transpires sooner or later and we are here with a short but sweet and list of celebs that prove perfection takes work.

Extensive work, amazing results

While some celebrities undergo small procedures and alterations, there are others whose insecurities go beyond thin lips. One such celebrity is a former Australian Idol winner, Kate DeAraugo, who opened up about undergoing a full-body liposuction. Being aware that, in order to be a star, an amazing voice sometimes just doesn’t cut it and you need to have a certain look, a look to match the face, she went ‘under the knife’. Perhaps it was the Australian singer’s candor that shattered the mythical and taboo aura about liposuction. Whatever the reason, the reality is that many Australians now decide to undergo liposuction in Perth, all for the sake of getting rid of excess baggage (literally), and simply feeling better in their skin. So, we applaud Kate for coming forward and showing that there’s no shame in wanting to look and feel better.

Little work, huge impact

In the world of plastic surgeries, there exist slight alterations and invasive, reconstructive procedures. One of the least invasive ones is definitely the lip injection. Many celebrities undergo it, we notice it, they deny it, they confess. For instance, Kylie Jenner was publicly denying having lip injections and accredited her full, luscious lips to skillful make-up application. Finally came forward and admitted that no, that luscious pout wasn’t just a result of make-up trickery – she got lip fillers put in to deal with an issue she had always felt self-conscious about. Much ado over nothing – nobody judges this anymore, she looks great, so why hide it in the first place?

No to Botox, but yes to lasers

One of the most famous faces of Hollywood, Gwyneth Paltrow may just have found the perfect way to neutralize her bad habits. As she puts it: “I use organic products, but I get lasers. It’s what makes life interesting, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu.” Although she hasn’t done much else yet, she doesn’t shy away from the possibility of going under the knife at some point in her life. The one thing she vows never to try is Botox, because, again in her words: “I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers.”

The cautionary tale

While the miracles of modern medicine can help us achieve a slimmer figure, get rid of tiny or larger insecurities, one should never step over the line. Everything should be done in moderation (and with the guidance of a great plastic surgeon. The beloved actress that stands behind and even more beloved fictitious character, Bridget Jones, apparently didn’t know when to stop. While the amount of work she has had done, or exact procedures she has undergone remain unclear, what is clear is the fact that she went overboard and doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

The ‘not so secret’ secret

One celebrity that couldn’t wait to flaunt her new figure, namely breasts, is Iggy Azalea. The performer has been very honest about the insecurities she felt on account of her less than average bust size, and she has no regrets about having implants. Shortly after she got them, she could hardly wait to spill the beans and show off her new curves, ecstatic with the confidence they gave her. Bravo, Iggy, good for you. No one should be ashamed or shamed for enhancing their looks, just make sure you’re in the right hands and that you don’t get too carried away.


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