Wedding dress designers have it hard because, to most people, they look more or less the same, and knowing that, they need to constantly bring innovations that are as visible as possible in order to catch our attention. The fun thing is that, if you look closely, you will notice that each year they make tons of different updates. And if this year is the year you’re tying the knot, and you want to be both beautiful and trendy, here are the biggest bridal trends you should have in mind.

Long sleeves

Long sleeves that are not connected to a dress at the shoulders can also be called arm warmers, and they were on literally every runway. A variation to this style were semi-detached or completely independent sleeves. If you are having difficulties picturing this style, just take a look at Rime Arodaky, Monique Lhuillier or Inbal Dror collections.


Apparently, this season is all about something old (becoming) something new. Corsets are back once again and they look better than ever. They were a go-to piece of many designers because, even though they are more or less antique, they are also sexy, bold, elegant and an ultimate classic.


Bell sleeves

Apart from arm warmers, these cool retro sleeves also made quite an appearance on many runways. But the fun side of them is that they don’t require you to wear a vintage bridal gown in order for them to work, even though they are retro. Also, while some designers embraced the boho vibe, others focused more on mini dresses and romantic ball gowns which they spiced up with bell sleeves.

“Tush” bows

The ugly butt bow from the 80s has gotten a cool modern twist and looks better than ever. It no longer has that stereotypical and stiff bow shape. Instead, bows are now all about accentuating the waist. If you cannot visualize how can that be possible, just take a look at this dress made by Viktor & Rolf.

Cascading shoulder bows

Yes, again with the bows. And even though they might not be so “new” in terms of bridal fashion, these versions of them definitely are. On the latest fashion shows we have seen countless variations of bows from the ones that are streaming down to the elbow, over the waist-length ones, all the way to the ones that graze the floor effortlessly.

High-to-low hemlines

Five words: Guns N’ Roses – November rain. And all the ‘older’ generations know what a shock this wedding dress caused in the 80s. However, designers saw the challenge, accepted it, and revived and updated this iconic gown to win the hearts of numerous brides. After all, who says only Axl’s wife is allowed to wear something like this on her wedding day, right?!

Botanical elements

Floral patterns and embellishments dominated spring 2018 runways. Patterns in the shape of flowers and plants could be seen everywhere, made of numerous materials such as embroidery lace, satin and beads. One thing is certain, they definitely took everyone’s breath away – just take a look at this one from Dan Lecca. If you see yourself as a flower bride, a fun idea would be to embrace that vibe by getting stuff such as floral wedding invitations and chair bows to match your floral wedding dress. This way you will lift your wedding organization to a whole new level.

Updated Watteau

The original Watteau back from the 18th century gave the illusion of wearing some sort of cape, with floor-grazing fabric that was hanging from the bride’s shoulders. The updated version of this is a lot less daunting but still gives you the opportunity to drag something behind you while walking down the aisle. Also, they are usually removable, so they won’t be a drag once you hit the dance floor.

Black detailsblack wedding dress

We all know that you can never go wrong with a black and white combo. Designers also know that, and that’s why this year’s runways offered an abundance of wedding gowns with black details, such as black belts, hats, boleros and bows.


The 2018 spring collection of Mira Zwillinger showed us just how fun wedding dresses can be once you put feathers on them. From feather skirts, over feather sleeves all the way to full-on feather dresses, we have definitely seen it all.

What do you think about this year’s trends? Do you see yourself in one of these? Let us know.


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