laura pearce

The 17 years old enigmatic beauty

laura pearce

Every now and then you have the good fortune to work with a model who has a sublime aura of beauty. India is such a model; at 17 years old she has the maturity others lack and this shoot and these images represent her enigmatic beauty. You have to wonder what lies behind those eyes and revel in the mystery that surrounds her. To capture this, as photographer, I wanted to embrace her ethereal quality and so I decided on a softer mono conversion. Any photographic shoot is a partnership between the model and the photographer  and to be truly successful each has to trust the other. In this way the photographer can capture the essence and emotion behind a look; without the models trust the images would not work. There is no room for complacency and each has to be fully committed to the shoot, the idea and the concept.

India Hale by Laura Pearce

LAP_2145a Laura Pearce
LAP_2078a Laura Pearce
LAP_2051a Laura Pearce
LAP_2003a Laura Pearce

Laura Pearce LRPS

India Hale


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