When it comes to beauty, everyone is talking about one thing: looking younger. We look at youth as the epitome of beauty, and while that is often called ageist, it’s a fact that everyone is trying to stay in their “best years” for as long as possible. So if you’re trying to pull the brakes on the clock, these are the things that can help you on your quest for eternal youth:

1. Stay hydrated

The number one reason why a person’s skin is aging is lack of hydration. When your skin isn’t properly hydrated, it gets wrinkly and loses elasticity and color. You should be hydrating your skin both inside and out: drink plenty of water during the day and apply moisturizers in the morning and evening.

2. Paint upwards

If you were to imagine an older face, you would probably think of it sagging down a bit. You don’t need to have a facelift to look younger; simply change the way you’re applying your makeup. If your makeup is pointing down, you will look older, so put that eyeliner wing up, swipe your blush in an upwards motion and you will see an instant change. Of course, be careful not to overdo it, to make sure you don’t look comical.

3. Brighten up

An easy way to instantly look younger is to cover the signs of aging, one of which is darker skin. Use a concealer that it one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it under your eyes. You can also use it in the places where you would normally use a highlighter, because it looks more subtle and natural when done with concealer.

4. Find the right undergarments

Gravity is not kind to women’s bodies. It pulls everything down and drags the skin, so you have to work with outside sources to fight off the gravity pull. Finding the perfect bra is the first step, because there’s nothing in the world that will make you look old as fast as sagging breasts. Go get a professional fitting and find a bra with some lift.

5. Flip it

We mostly associate long, thick, luscious hair with young women, so if you’ve defaulted to something toned down, you might want to rethink that. Think like a star and get hair extensions from Las Vegas, because that’s where the party is and that’s where you’ll find the most luxurious hair. Make sure you’re doing right by yourself with your color, too. Remember when Lady Gaga stopped with the over-bleached hair? It took 10 years off her instantly.

6. Put some color on your face

There is a myth floating around that as women age, they should stop wearing as much color, and retrieve to nudes. This couldn’t be further from the truth (unless you’re one of those who highlight their lids with bright blue). Your face needs color to look alive, so put on some blush, wear that coral lipstick and rock a youthful, colorful look.

7. Stick with creams

Putting powder over skin that is covered in pores and wrinkles will only accentuate it. Leave the compacts for the teens and get yourself some big girl makeup. Liquid foundation, cream concealer, blush and contour, as well as cream eyeshadow, at least for the base. They will all work together to help bring your face to life and make you look a lot younger, without looking caked.

8. Boost your brows

As we age, our hair gets thinner and starts to fall out, and the same happens with your brows. If they weren’t already a victim of the overplucking 90’s craze, then they are probably getting thinner with age and they are letting everyone else know. Use a pencil that matches your skin color and draw them in, or microblade them so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

9. Clean up your diet

The things we eat directly show on our skin, and a well-balanced diet with plenty of nutrients will result in tight, glowing skin, while a high in sugar and processed foods one will make your skin look oily and age it. Have your five a day and rub those banana peels onto your face for a little boost in the morning.

10. Embrace it

There is nothing in the world that will make you look older than trying too hard to look younger. Embrace your age and you will see that there’s nothing to be ashamed of and that you can truly be beautiful at any age


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