Verheyen London

Verheyen London is a newly founded British luxury brand, tailoring statement fur and cashmere pieces. The cashmere pieces are sourced from the Himalayan mountains and woven on handlooms by artisans in Kashmir.


The fur originates from Europe and dyed in Italy & Greece, using modern bio degradable techniques and vegetable dyes which are non toxic. The most amazing colours are created for the gilets and cross-through collars which are lined with pure silk complemented with fur. All of Verheyen London’s garments are completely handmade and this collection shows us a how fur should be worn.



Verheyen London found a need to provide bold & versatile tailored pieces that are more than just an accessory, a true luxurious collection for both men & women.

Fiona Faherty

Is an Irish Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle writer. Internationally published who's love of fashion and beauty is show through her work.

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