Initiator: Veronika Byrne, Model: Beata Nowotony, Hair&Styling: Veronika Byrne, Dress Design: Veronika Byrne, MUA: Kasia Skocypiec, Photographer: Tomasz Bakiera
Initiator: Veronika Byrne, Model: Beata Nowotony, Hair&Styling: Veronika Byrne, Dress Design: Veronika Byrne, MUA: Kasia Skocypiec, Photographer: Tomasz Bakiera


Veronika Byrne is a freelance hairstylist who has been passionate about hair styling for more than 20 years. She strives to give her models and clients the most impressive look possible which will both captivate their imagination and compliment their individuality.

Her salon, aptly named ‘Unbridled’, is based in a beautiful rural setting near Carrickmacross, in County Monaghan, just 60 minutes from Dublin. Veronika always works one-on-one with her clients, in order to give each individual the care and attention they deserve. And in the cozy and friendly environment of her salon, clients can relax and enjoy the tranquility while Veronika takes care of the rest.

[su_pullquote]I am so grateful to all the members of the team for all their help and support [/su_pullquote]However, Veronika is not just about tranquility and outstanding client satisfaction, she is also an enthusiastic and energetic stylist who likes to get involved in creative hair styling events and exciting new projects. And in keeping with the name of her salon, Veronika is unrestricted when it comes to creativity and new hair styling challenges.

To satisfy her passion for creativity, she regularly takes part in commercial photo-shoots, fashion shows, wedding fairs, and artistic fashion projects. As a result, her work has been described as “exceptionally talented” and “visionary”, and has been published in many magazines.

Moreover, if there aren’t any suitable challenges on the social calendar, Veronika teams-up with a host of other dedicated artists to organize their own creative event. These spontaneous events can help to inspire and produce some of the best new ideas for exciting hairstyles! Moreover, she loves to share her styles with the world by posting her latest creations online via her website and Facebook page, so people can keep up to date with latest creations and projects.

[su_pullquote]During Spring this year I was doing my research on new bridal fashion. I learned that separates, volume, floral dresses, and trousers-suits are going to hit the catwalks of New York in Spring/Summer 2016[/su_pullquote]Veronika is certainly not the kind of stylist who just sits still. She loves to move with the times and strives to keep up to date with new products and continuous training development. As well as that, she loves to keep things interesting by getting involved in new projects and services, such as the ‘hairstyle makeover photo-shoot’. This is a service where clients can treat themselves to a hair and beauty ‘makeover’ and have their photos taken by a professional photographer. An ideal treat for all kinds of occasions!

While Veronika creates styles to suit all kinds of events from social get-together to weddings, in 2014, she noticed a particular need in the market for bridal hair styling with a vintage flair. Since she is one of the rare stylists who can provide the coveted vintage look, she decided to launch her new mobile hair styling project called ‘Wedding Hair Expert’. And as well as specializing in vintage bridal looks, she also excels in classic, modern, alternative and traditional styles too.

For regular updates about the latest cool photo-shoots and styles, and lots of super hairstyle images, please find Wedding Hair Expert and Veronika Byrne on Facebook, and also by visiting www.weddinghairexpert.com

Contact: 087 3511087

Veronika Byrne

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