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Ondine  is a well respected and known magazine in the fashion industry in Ireland and internationally as well as in social groups. Our statistics shows that those featured gained more exposure, and landed jobs from being published in Ondine. Ondine  is not just a magazine, we are actively involved in the Irish fashion industry, organizing fashion shows, helping models and photographers in getting exposure, sponsoring events and helping charities.

Our regular monthly magazine (print and digital) – reaches around 25.000 monthly readers

We accept  fashion editorials, and fashion photography. If you have something uncommon, something different, we might accept it too. Each editorial will have a 6-8 page spread. Please include as many info as possible.

Also fashion related articles, coverage of fashion events, product reviews, latest trends… etc

Email with subject ‘Ondine next issue’



Please send the article COMPLETED with a profile photo plus a few from your portfolio to

If we choose to publish it, you will be contacted by Email with all the details



Please email as many photos as you want, but at least 3. The more pictures you submit, the higher chance you have to be featured in our magazine. Or even to get a multi page spread.

Please submit first photos in low resolution, with or without watermark. However, be aware we will need the high resolution copies (at least 300DPI)  without watermark to be published.

All photos must be renamed with your name.

All photos must be submitted at

No other form is accepted

If we accept your pictures :

We will email you back and let you know

We will then ask for the photos in high resolution, without watermark . Full page photo must be at least 8.5×11 (300DPI)

For the photos we choose to publish please list the FULL credits as :

Model Real Name (this will not be printed ) : REQUIRED

Model Nickname (if it’s different than the real name. if not, real name will be printed) : REQUIRED

City and Country you live in : REQUIRED

Photographer : REQUIRED

Make-Up Artist : REQUIRED

Hair Stylist: REQUIRED

You will receive a Model Release Form/Photographer Release Form to be completed and sent back to us. The Model/Photographer who own the rights for the photo must complete the model release form . You have to print it, sign it, scan and email it back to us, or even photograph and email it back. You can also download the release forms from HERE

You will still hold all the rights for the photo.

We will not publish your work if we don’t receive the model release form or the high resolution photos,

or the list of credits