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Poured out by Tim Copsey

Poured Out by Tim Copsey


poured out


I am always bouncing around different creative ideas in my personal photographic projects. The concept for this shoot was “Poured Out”. I wanted to explore the idea that sometimes people have to pour themselves out for so many different people in their lives. Sometimes to the point they are multi tasking on auto pilot! I thought one way to represent this could be a person pouring out many cups of tea, but crucially the person would not look where they were pouring. They would be getting the task done but almost robotically without investing there attention in the process. This led to a short series of images deliberately set in the kitchen of an old listed building with the models styled 1940s/50s.


poured out

poured out


Model: Ella May
Assistant: Carol Eden
Photographer: Tim Copsey

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