Pint Aid Fundraiser Night

Pint Aid Fundraiser Night

Lillie’s Bordello hosted PintAid’s unique fundraiser for Inner City Helping Homeless on the 14th Sept ’16

pint aid

[su_quote]PintAid aims to generate both awareness and donations for the critical services that Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) provide to Dublin’s vulnerable homeless community. We want Dubliners to come out in support of ICHH and get a better understanding of the severity of the current homelessness crisis. Pint Aid wants you to “Drink Outside The Box” . By this we mean: downloading our apps and donating the price of a pint to Inner City Helping Homeless. We want you to use the humble pint as a medium for positive change! It couldn’t be simpler![/su_quote]

pint aid

Erica Fleming (#SideBySide) spoke on the night to highlight the challenges she has faced living in emergency accommodation with her daughter Emily for over 14 months.

pint aid
Erica Flemming and Anthony Flynn – CEO of Inner City helping homeless

[su_quote]”Be kind to the less fortunate. Give generously to PintAid tonight, help Inner City helping Homeless to continue to do their fantastic work. They are on the frontline, they are providing a vital service to our most vulnerable people. . The forgotten ones. The homeless” Erica Flemming.[/su_quote]


Photos by Cristian Constantiniu
Ioan Hiliuta

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