Marilyn Monroe- The Timeless Fashionista

Marilyn Monroe

The Timeless Fashionista

We have seen her in a pleated halter-neck dress flowing with the wind.  We have witnessed her sing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” in her nude sheath of marquisette fabric, with sparkling rhinestones embedded on it. She made her only appearance in the Academy Awards, adorned in a glistening eye-catching off-the    -shoulder gown of black tulle. The timeless but troubled beauty, Marilyn Monroe took Hollywood by waves in the 50s.  She was probably best known for her enduring sex appeal, feminine curves and her dramatic and comedic roles in her movies. However, it is only recently that the influence of the “brunette turned blonde beauty” on the world of fashion has hit the spotlight.

Marilyn Monroe

Designed by the most famous designers of her era and carrying accessories of labels before they became popular, Marilyn Monroe was more than just a famous Hollywood star. She was a fashion visionary with a knack to spot upcoming fashion and designers. With the release of the book, “Marilyn in Fashion: The Enduring Influence of Marilyn Monroe” by Christopher Nickens and George Zeno, we see the journey of Monroe’s style from the sweet soul in her early years, to the alluring beauty in the peak of her career and finally to a sophisticated lady in the later years of her life. The book also emphasizes on how closely she worked with her designers on each ensemble to create the image of Marilyn Monroe as the world knew it. Her designers included William Travilla- who designed most of her clothes, Ceil Chapman, Charles Lemaire, Jean Louis, Norman Norell, Emilio Pucci and Oleg Cassinni. Before Salvator Ferragamo and Gucci became renowned brands, Marilyn carried their bags and wore their shoes.

Out of her seven designers, Emilio Pucci and Oleg Cassinni are the only two labels which are still in business in the fashion industry. Not just in business, they are world renowned brands for that matter, designing clothes for over 60 years. Marilyn Monroe particularly adored Emilio Pucci designs for his vibrant colors and patterns. In fact, she was buried in her favorite pale green Emilio Pucci dress. The first Emilio Pucci peacock print design dress was worn by Marilyn Monroe. Even after 50 years, the same patterned dresses are still in the fashion house collection, named as “Emilio Pucci Silk Dress Famous Marilyn Monroe Peacock” print.

The fashion house, Oleg Cassini is now mainly renowned for their bridal attires; however back in the day, Oleg Cassini started off with designing evening gowns for famous personalities including the artless beauty. Out of his noted designs for Monroe, there was the red velvet one shoulder sheath gown and the scarlet jersey off-the shoulder gown with violet sash.

Marilyn Monroe

The black tulle gown that Marilyn Monroe wore at the Academy Awards is still one of the “Most Breathtaking Oscar Gowns”. Even after 50 years, we are still talking about this beauty, discussing her attires and taking inspiration from her wardrobe. In her short life-span, Monroe has done a considerable number of movies and has been dressed most diversely in a variety of wears. As she matured from the sweet artless soul to the chic lady, so did her fashion and clothing to suit her perfectly. In her subtle guileless manner, through her personality and fashion, she continues to inspire not just musicians, artists and writers like Elton John, Madonna and Andy Warhol but also designers who treat this iconic beauty as a timeless fashionista.

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