Lee Kenny – Autism in the Arts

lee kenny
Photo by Debbie Deboo

Lee Kenny was diagnosed with a severe ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) as a toddler. He has gone on to battle his difficulties in a positive way because with all that extra energy he possesses, Lee’s acting , modelling and artistic, charitable endeavors have given him an outlet for his hyperactive creativity and given him confidence to engage others socially in a safe and creative platform. He started acting at an early age with Helen O’Grady and Star Theatre Company; and graduated as a model with several art exhibition fashion events under his belt including Red Cross and Autistic charity events.
He has now progressed to filming and is keen as an Autistic artist to develop his skills in his current work “Sleep Smile” a feature about Autism in the Arts, shot here in Northern Ireland. His first big break came this year with being invited on the sets of major film works here with his contemporary successful peers


A promo from a production Lee is :

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