Jane Asple introduces a new jewellery brand

Emma by Jane


Jane Asple



Emma by Jane celebrates women’s inner style and seeks to inspire women to embrace this.  The brand name, ‘Emma by Jane’ was influenced by Jane’s best friend, Emma, who possessed an exceptional sense of style, which would often include borrowed pieces from Jane’s own accessories wardrobe.  Jokingly they would laugh ‘It’s like your styled by Jane,’ and so the name ‘Emma by Jane’ stuck.







handmade necklace


Jane’s love for accessories and how they can transform an outfit has always been her driving force.


“I am always a bit eccentric in how I accessorise, from bags to shoes and especially jewellery. By creating Emma by Jane, I wanted to demonstrate how easy it can be to create your own unique style by mixing and matching accessories” – founder & designer, Jane Asple.


emma by jane
Emma by Jane Rings

Originally a London-based fashion buyer, Jane worked closely with designers and spent a lot of time travelling to countries such as China, India & Bangladesh to uncover the latest materials and trends in the fashion industry.  In the years to come, this background and experience would shape Jane’s jewellery.



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Set out to create a stunning collection that is both design focused and contemporary, Emma by Jane is trend-setting and stylish but above all consistently wearable with a specific focus on offering high quality at an affordable price.

Made of sterling silver, the collection is finished with Indian gemstones and 14K gold and rose gold.


jane asple
Emma by Jane Thea Ring €60

The collection itself consists of elegant pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings and combine eye-catching shapes and distinctive precious metal textures.


Each piece can be worn individually or layered with other pieces from the collection for an effortlessly stylish look.  Prices start from €48 and styling advice is available online at www.emmabyjane.com

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