Introducing Celtic Curves – the foundation for curvy women

Body positivity is one of the largest social media movements we have seen in the last few years. What we haven’t seen however is the women who have always tried to be body positive.

The everyday women who have normal jobs and normal lives. Who, from a young age, have tried to embrace the skin they’re in. Even if it wasn’t an easy road or welcomed by millions, it’s the way it is today.

curvy women


We at Celtic Curves are these women. We strive daily to enhance, through social media and our daily lives, the beauty that is all bodies.

Celtic Curves looks to promote acceptance of their own bodies and in doing so, have encouraged women from all over the world to accept theirs.


In accepting and loving your body, you also gain a new-found confidence. This confidence or self-love is all a person needs to truly begin to be body positive, and in being positive about your body you also become more mentally positive.

Plus size or curvy body advocates are still relatively new but taking the world by storm…why you ask?! Simply because the average (I hate that word, average, no one is average, we’re all individually fabulous) woman is “plus size”, because a UK size 12 and up is “plus size”. This means that the majority of women are embracing a body positive movement because it finally allows them to love their own bodies without feeling the guilt or shame that they are not worth self-love.


curvy women

Celtic Curves are teaming up with Ondine Magazine to allow a new platform for body positive lovage!

We will be giving our perspective on everything from makeup to curvy fashion, mental health to daily life. Being mothers, wives, single women and friends of all different backgrounds, shapes and sizes, we offer diversity with unity.


curvy women

We are firstly confident plus size women, and secondly women with a passion for body positivity!

We are sincerely looking forward to this collaboration and through it, hope to spread our body positive message even further.


Everybody is worthy of self-love and every woman has a confidence that can be found inside! We hope through our stories and experiences you too can finally unleash that inner love and body acceptance.


via Rhians’s blog

Ioan Hiliuta

As Ondine Magazine Editor-in-Chief, it's my responsibility to coordinate team Ondine's creative efforts. Final say in the publication of any article, both in print and web, falls with me. It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it! I take great pride in working with such a talented team; a lot of work goes into finding content which is not only interesting and engaging, but also beautiful. During my spare time I like to work on various other photographic projects which I take great pride in. I've been shooting for more than 10 years now. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our contacts department and we'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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