Interview with a model – Ivan Fahy



Tell us a little about you

My name is Ivan Fahy and I am a gender expressive model and activist from Galway, Ireland

How does being an androgynous model affect your every day life?

It affects my life in many ways, mostly positive. I get recognized a lot in public and I get to go to loads of events across Ireland and the world. It can be scary because I am very public and it is dangerous being exposed and ‘famous’ sometimes.

What do you find the most challenging part about working in the fashion industry?

The most challenging part is working in an industry that is still very traditional and normative when it comes to fashion and models. It is hard for any model to get jobs etc., but it is extra hard for me because I am unique and in many ways, ahead of the status quo in Ireland.

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Who inspires you?

I take inspiration from anyone that isn’t afraid to be themselves.

What are you working on right now and what are your future aspirations?

I am filming a documentary for YouTube and I am doing loads of photo shoots. I have other projects in the pipeline. My future aspirations are just to keep taking cool and expressive pictures and to help inspire others to be themselves. I want to keep expression on the agenda!


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Photographers: Mariusz Bartosinski and Agnes of Purple Blues Photography

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