Doing EMS to build muscles by Thorsten Jonaszik

Doing EMS to build muscles

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Thorsten Jonaszik from Stuttgart/Germany is a 36 year old model.

He is also the owner of EMS (electro muscle stimulation) personal training studio “Körperspannung Kirchheim” close to Stuttgart.

“As a model and sports scientist I can tell anybody to try EMS PT workout”

If you have less time and you would like to build muscles, to loose weight or you have problems with your back, EMSt is the first choice.

You have to practice only 20 minutes per week.

Doing EMS in combination with cardio training, you will reach the best results.

“But nobody should forget you are what you eat.”

For a perfect “sixpack” you need good genes, low carb and lots of roughage on your daily plate.

ems thorsten jonaszik


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