Cinnia Launches Made-in-the-USA Athleisure Collection

Cinnia Boutique brings American made athleisure to American women.

Cinnia, an American made boutique, announced today the launch of their made-in-the-USA Athleisure collection.

Deemed “the softest and most comfortable leggings in the world,” the leading online curator of American-made clothing now brings their own uniquely designed yoga leggings, capri leggings, and sport crop tops to American women.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Athleisure collection and offer our line to women all over the United States,” says owner of Cinnia Boutique, Cindy Firestone. “We have a passion for American made products and are excited to design and create our own, supporting the #makeithere philosophy.”

Cinnia has been curating American made clothing, gifts, and accessories since 2016, and recently added women’s plus sizes and kids wear to their offerings. The new Athleisure collection includes Mommy and Me leggings, for moms and girls’ sizes 2T to 6X.

Cinnia Boutique has also been producing custom-designed tees and totes for north American clientele since 2016. The company designs are printed, hand cut and sewn in Los Angeles, California. When asked about the reasons to focus on American made products, Ms. Firestone had this to say: “My desire to provide American made clothing doesn’t stem from any politically motivated reasons. I just believe the more we design, create, manufacture and purchase products here in the United States, the stronger America will be. Why should we have to source things we need and use every day from some other country? It’s more about self-reliance and availability than politics.”

To learn more about the new Cinnia Boutique Athleisure collection, the company, or to book an interview, email, or visit the website at

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