Dancing with the stars

Dancing with the stars

Celebs do it for the Kids!


Phil Penny (Tallafornia) Simon ‘ShowBiz’ Gross (Big Brother) Jenny Dixon (Fair City) & many more.

Celebrities have been in rehearsals together for the past month working on their dance routines and warming up their vocal cords!

celeb's do it for kids
Photo: Ricardo Guglielminotti


The cast have been carefully selected by Tour Manager Micheal Byrne who says :

[su_quote]I chose the cast from a variety of Actors, Singers, comedians & reality TV stars that we’ve watched on our TV screens over the years. I really wanted a good mix of chemistry on the stage and for each character to bring themselves to life by taking some of their famous One Liners onto the show, I could only imagine what Nikita Murray’s (Tallafornia) Will be![/su_quote]

The celebrities have really worked tirelessly and jelled really well to make this happen! All of the cast are hugely passionate about the Charity (Aoibheanns Pink Tie) and are very proud to represent it, This will be the ultimate Valentines night out!

Full Cast Include:  Phil Penny (Tallafornia), Nikita Murray (Tallafornia), Jade Lynch (Big Brother), Simon ‘ShowBiz’ Gross (Big Brother), Jenny Dixon (Fair City), Barry Nolan (Model), Dave Young (Comedian), Nella (Musician)

Tickets: Can Be purchased at the door on the night or find Fanbase on Facebook for more info.

DETAILS: The Wright Venue, Airside Swords. 

February 13th (Valentines Weekend)

Doors 7pm

Show starts at 7:30pm Sharp

Charity: Aoibheanns Pink Tie

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