Addicted to Fashion by Tim Copsey

Addicted to Fashion

by Tim Copsey

tim copsey

I like to explore different creative ideas in my personal photographic projects.  The concept for the is shoot was “addicted to fashion”.  I wanted to represent visually some of the ideas surrounding a fashion addiction.  I was not making a judgement,  just observations.  I decided the strongest symbol of addiction I could think of was a needle and syringe.  I wanted the main subject of my photographs to be a goddess like figure, swathed in fabric wearing a crown of syringes with a co-ordinated necklace.  With the help of Carol Eden we created the head wear and necklace that you see in the images.   In addition we were inspired to create the breast piece, structured in a native American style but made from syringes.  The resulting images hopefully convey beauty but with an edge of menace from viewing all those sharp needles.

Tim Copsey

tim copsey

tim copsey

Model: Rosey Metcalfe
MUA: Bridie Bows Makeup
Headwear Designer: Tim Copsey & Carol Eden
Photographer: Tim Copsey

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