Top 5 Celebrities who became hot

10 Celebrities who became HOT

Here is the list of 10 celebrities who became HOT !


He is almost unrecognisable these days. He once acted as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series. Back then, he had long hair and some people had the impression he was an awkward teenager. Well, the young man has survived the young awkward teenager years and he is now a hot celebrity. The change is truly impressive and is left many people speechless.



This celebrity actor was just 11 years old when he played the main character in the famous Harry Potter film. He was quite an adventurous child back then. These days the transformation is truly impressive. Gone is the chubby face kid with the round glasses. Daniel is now a handsome young man with style and maturity.



Some fans described them as the ginger hair. You can not blame them, because Rupert had ginger coloured hair during his Harry Potter days. These days his hair is relatively dark but this has not done his good looks any harm. Rupert Grint is an attractive celebrity and is safe to say that many females out there would love to hook up with him.



There is no doubt that the Harry Potter series had some of the most good looking young actors and actresses at the time it was shot. Emma Watson shone in the Harry Potter film and she still shine in the real life. The beautiful girl with the long golden hair is now a strikingly beautiful young lady. Emma Watson is not just an actress, she is also achieved success as a model and was featured on the covers of reputable fashion magazines.



The transformation of Georgie Henley is simply amazing. This British actress played Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia. Back then she was not the most beautiful child actress in the movie industry, but today she is a stunning young lady. She still acts in the theatre but the best part of story is that she is an University under graduate. Georgie is studying English and this will definitely improve her already impressive acting and speaking skills.


This is the Top 5 Celebrities who became HOT !

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